Reunited again with my calendar!!
October 12, 2013
Hooray for holidays and carrots
October 15, 2013
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Security Blankets

What makes you feel whole? Do you wear a talisman? A special shirt or something? A stuffed animal? A fanny-pack? Is there a one thing that when it’s gone you feel somehow discombobulated? And then when you are reunited, everything seems to be okay again?

This is how I feel about my calendars. They are my security blanket. They are the one thing that if my house were to burn down I would try to save. (After Doug and my cats, of course!0

When I left Lamont Gallery Friday night after the workshop with Calendar 2013 in it’s lovely blue tube, all was good. And then when I walked from my room to the coffee shop Saturday morning, with my blue tube, my pens and my calendar. I felt lighter, stronger, calmer. The ennui of the previous days was gone. Dissipated. Just. Like. That.  Oct10&12

And now–I still feel buoyed by those moments with memory. Is this just another attachment? Or is it something more? These markings of my dailyness, however exciting or mundane–ground and center me. I hope you have something that grounds and centers you. And I am grateful for it.


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