Every morning after I wake-up and brush my teeth, I sit down with a cup of coffee and I update my Visual Diary. Then, I do one of two things. I either read a piece of writing and create a visual response or I make a small 5×5 inch collage. During December, I make a daily collage as my way of observing the Advent Season. During the rest of the year it varies. For two years I created a drawing based on a writing and somehow incorporated a tracing of my hands. This blog entry will tell you more about that. Now, I read the daily entry from Anita Barrow’s and Joanna Macy’s great translation of Rilke’s work in A Year with Rilke and draw right into the book. You can see a bit about that here. 

Disclaimer: I give myself some leeway…while most days I do this…I do forgive myself and just keep going when I don’t.