In 2011, I was given a Vandercook.

That gift prompted PRESS: LetterPRESS as a Public Art Project, a storefront letterpress project that I founded with the help of many grants, student interns and an incredible amount of enthusiasm. It was a hybrid studio, gallery and teaching lab with a fully operational Vandercook Universal III Proof Press as the centerpiece that operated on Main Street, North Adams, MA from 2011-2016. PRESS transitioned in 2016 to MCLA's campus where I teach.

During this time, I discovered how much I enjoy making limited edition letterpress mantra cards. Postcards designed to inspire, disrupt, maybe question one's status quo. This formed the heart of The 50 Card Project, The Obstruction Project, and my ongoing Mantra Card making. See links below for more!

While mantra cards form the heart of my letterpress practice, I use letterpress in my artist books, I teach traditional and non-traditional letterpress techniques, and I love introducing others to the magic of its process.

Look for me beginning June 2022 at Greylock Works where PRESS|29 Press will live on in a new form.