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October 10, 2013
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October 13, 2013
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Reunited again with my calendar!!

I feel so light, so wonderful, sitting here in D2 Java espresso Bar in Exeter. I walked here from campus WITH my calendar tucked in its trusty blue tube (thank you Joe Banks). And now I am updating to this morning.

You can sit of see where I am and where I need to go. When “catching up” I always do the most recent day first so I know how far I have to go.
I was here last night to teach a bookmaking workshop and if they had even half as much fun as I had I know they had a great time!


  1. asdh says:

    Yay. I didn’t know that you sometimes (always?) transfer images from your journal to the calendar. What is your process? Do you ever work directly on your calendar or do you usually have an initial draft in your journal? I feel like I should already know the answer to this! Sorry that I don’t, my friend 🙂

    • Melanie says:

      You are right–I usually always work directly on my calendar! I don’t when I travel–when I do a similar kind of entry that I’ve been doing the past month or so in the travel sketchbook. I’ve been doing these larger entries in a small sketchbook while the calendar is on exhibit at Exeter. I did a book arts workshop at Exeter on Friday and was able to transfer about three weeks to the real calendar on Saturday–that’s why I was so excited! When the calendars come down on October 19th and find their way back to me soon after that, I will return to my regular practice of the little daily rectangles on the big calendar!

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