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December 25, 2015
January 8, 2016
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Begin again

Ah, here it is, the start of a new year. I am grateful to say goodbye to 2015, and delighted to welcome the opportunities of 2016. One of my end-of-the-year rituals involves cutting the flowers from one of my house plants, which I think is a type of lily. (If you know the name, can you please tell me in the comments?!) Doug and I hike with them to our reservoir and toss them into the current, offering them to the earth along with various prayers of gratitude for the past year and hopes for the new (25)

During December 2015, I participated in a weekly reflective activity designed by Kate Matsudaira, a technology executive and startup founder, who has been on the quest for the perfect notebook for more than 10 years. The SPARK notebook and organizing system celebrates the fun and beauty of organization and reaching one’s goals thanks to that organization. This is my first year using it, as I too, am on the search for the perfect notebook. Kate’s has many many attributes that I like, and I look forward to reporting how it helps me stay organized this next year.

But what I have really enjoyed are the four weeks of reflection she provided on her blog to help one examine that past year, and anticipate the upcoming year. She organized them by

  • Week #1Starting the new year with a bang!
  • Week #2 The Key to your Future
  • Week #3 Picking your 2016 Theme
  • Week#4 Making your goals your reality

I completed all of these worksheets and am fine-tuning my goals. I already have a number of commitments, which makes achieving these goals easier. But then there are the back burner goals that I want to move to the front burner. I’m hoping this system will help me make some progress in that arena.

I also close out my calendar of the year and begin afresh with a stark, white grid, ready for the new year. 2015 won’t be posted until late February when I return from my travels abroad. Scanning attempts were thwarted by bizarre technical difficulties. But you can look at past calendars here.

Until then, I wish you the best as you begin anew, and that you find whatever system that works for you to help you reach your (26)


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  1. Holly Wren says:

    I love your flower trimming, hiking, throwing and floating ritual.

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