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December 24, 2015
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Advent Day 25: Merry Christmas

When I am able to celebrate Christmas with my parents, which I am this year, it also means I become an honorary member of their choir for the night. Thankfully I have many years of chorale practice under my belt, and can still sight read music. Put me next to a strong soprano and I can keep up remarkably well. We closed the service with the one of my favorite Christmas carols: Joy to the World. The line “Let every heart prepare him room,” speaks volumes to me, especially when considering Thomas Merton’s words that I shared yesterday. I know some of you who read this blog are not religious–but regardless of your creed, to me “him” is light and love. How do we prepare our hearts for light and love to come and then go out back into the world?

If you have been reading my Advent entries this year, you know that I have had a challenging year, and am still navigating my way through the health challenges presented to me. It strikes me that opening our hearts to light and love is not a prescription, or a one-size fits all kind of event. But an everyday practice. Today’s celebration is not about the conspicuous consumption of material goods, it’s “making room for light and love” in our hearts. It’s easy to hide those “dark nights of the soul.” Light makes them clearer, love helps let them go.

Today I wish you a very joyful, love-filled and healthy Christmas. May your hearts be filled with light and love today and everyday through this next year. One Size Does Not Fit All


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