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October 13, 2013
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October 17, 2013
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Hooray for holidays and carrots

Regardless of your stance on Columbus Day, you have to admit, it’s nice to have a day off–for those of you who had it. I’ve been looking forward to this day off for weeks. I knew I was going to need it as a catch-up day with my school work. I’ve been behind on grading, planning and email. And while I am still not completely caught up, I feel remarkably closer to that end than I did yesterday.

Plus I had a great art date–I went on the member’s tour of the new Anslem Kiefer exhibit at MASS MoCA, spent some time with Xu-Bing’s Phoenix and purchased tickets for dance and night-time viewing of the Phoenix at the end of the month. It’s really great to have something to anticipate!

These carrots are important to create for ourselves. Sometimes it can be as simple as looking forward to going home at night to see you beloved. But other times something out in the world is needed–at least for me–and usually something that has a tinge of adventure to it. So I’m planning for a couple of things right now, adventure and artistic and it’s helping my underlying restlessness.


And you–how do you handle that underlying restlessness, if you have it?

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