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September 28, 2013
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September 28-29

It’s really hard to “accomplish” things on glorious fall days in the Berkshires. (But I’ve started to ask myself what the importance of that word might be these days anyways.) We’ve had two such days in a row this weekend, and I fully capitalized on it by spending as much time outdoors as possible. Reading, drawing by the pool, getting in the pool, hiking, mowing the lawn, pruning trees, riding my bicycle, and just sitting basking in the glory of it.

Some of the questions that the Exeter students and other visitors to On and Off the Page during the opening weekend continue to percolate within me.


1. Do you have any bad habits? Meaning do you ever sneak off to smoke a cigarette, get drunk or do anything “bad”?

2. How do you choose what to record? How do your choices reveal who you are?

3. What do the little checkerboards mean? They are everywhere. Are they a code?

4. Some symbols we get–like the yoga one, but do you have other hidden meanings within the calendar?

5. My question to them: What does the calendar tell you about me? What does the calendar tell me about me?

6. What inspired you to do this?

7. Wow, how do you keep doing this?

I bet you want to know some of these answers…me too! Check back again sometime this week to get them!

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