Exeter, NH
September 20, 2013
September 24-26
September 27, 2013
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September 22-23

What a great weekend at Exeter! A big shout out to Sara and Lauren for coordinating such an incredible time–with students, faculty and especially the other artists. If you are in the Boston/Southern New Hampshire area I do hope you get the chance to visit Lamont Gallery to see the exhibit On and Off the Page.

I will continue to post daily here, my calendar entries through the run of the show, October 19th in my little moleskin. Here are the past two days.Sept22-23 001

Later in the week I’ll write about some of the questions and comments I fielded over the weekend about the calendars. Some of these questions will remain with me for a very long time. Thank you seniors! I look forward to seeing your own character’s daily journeys when I return in October.

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