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Exeter, NH

I am in Exeter, New Hampshire for the opening of On and Off the Page.

I arrived yesterday and by-passed small talk and other conversation to check on my calendars and to begin getting the entries from my little book into the calendar. As per usual, I have completely underestimated the amount of time it will take me to update. I completed 10 days yesterday in about 35 minutes. I have like 20 more to go! And I will be doing that today, in the gallery, so if you are in Exeter, maybe you’ll get lucky to see me in action.


I’m anticipating meeting with students today, and am very interested to hear what they will ask me. I know one question is how do I decide what to put in the calendar. I’m confronting that right now, because the book I am using is much larger than the little rectangles on the year-format. Things I consider–self-censorship, is there a bigger picture I want to paint, will something mean more in the future than right this second. Sometimes I think to hard about it, and realize how much time has passed and I do whatever comes to my head first.

omg_what are they reading?

What are they looking at? I can’t wait to find out what draws people into these diaries.

Here are a couple pics of the install. I will post more later today or tomorrow. Click for a bigger image.


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