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February 17, 2017
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March 9, 2017
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Love and The 50 Card Project


Week Six: The Trump administration rescinds the 2016 Guidance on Transgender Students, which was issued jointly by the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division and the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights.

I began printing the card Equality has no boundaries, in response to the repeal of the federal guidelines about the rights of transgender students and as a nod to the new great Nike ad using the same phrase. But my stepdaughter went into labor during the printing and we took an emIMG_1283ergency trip to Miami to be with her. (She had a boy! And he is adorable.)

As a result, this week’s card is one that I made just in case of an emergency, a card that could be applicable regardless of the week.

It is a statement of love, love for this messy democratic process and the community in which we all live. And while there is so much that I disagree with in the Trump presidency, I am also not a fan of the rampant divisiveness coursing through our country. Marilynne Robinson’s words reach across the lines.  It is LOVE that fuels this Kickstarter campaign of mine. Love for and identification with a community with which, much of the time and in many ways, I am in disagreement.  (Emphasis and alteration from the original is mine.)

  • What if I lived from a place of radical kindness?
  • What if I marched only in the name of love?
  • What if I stood up for the marginalized?
  • What if I helped someone in need?
  • What if I listened to those I disagree with to try to understand that maybe, just maybe we want the same thing?
  • What if I treated everyone with respect?

What if we all lived from this place? Many of us would say that we do, but do we?

This card, and the five before it and the 44 that will follow are available through The 50 Card Project Kickstarter Campaign. The campaign is a short one, only two weeks. We are nearly at the halfway point! If you are interested, please support the project, or share with your friends.

Thank you thank you!

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  1. Brooke Langston says:

    LOVE IT. And i LOVE that you are a GRANDMA!!!

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