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Spread the Light

My father loved lighthouses. He collected models of them, visited them, and loved how they beacon to the lost and the weary. The metaphor was never lost on him.

A couple months after he passed away, I was taking a walk while at work and discovered a discarded tea bag on the ground. I have no idea why I bent to pick it up, but when I did, I discovered one of those Yogi tea quotes on it that just had to be a hello from my dad. It said, Spread the light; be the lighthouse. I took a pic of it, sent that to my mom, and saved the little fortune in my special folder.

It is now eight days after the year anniversary of his passing. I spent that day with my mom, partially at the Marblehead Lighthouse on Lake Erie where we spread some of his ashes, partially at her home surrounded by friends and family. It was a bittersweet day. My dad fills her house and our lives with his memory every day. I wish I could call him to ask him if he thinks staking this one tree in our new yard makes sense. My mother wishes she could throttle him for his secret stash of silly magazines that he told her he got rid of years and years ago. (LOL!)

Anyways, to honor the anniversary of his passing, I made a letterpress card of the Spread the light quote and am giving it away to anyway who donates $10 or more to Lifebanc–you can find that link here.  Today, March 31st is the last day of the campaign. My dad loved to honor and celebrate in the octave, this is the last day of that. So don’t miss out, get one of these cards by supporting an organization that saves and heals lives through organ and tissue donation for transplantation. Pursuing a future when the decision to donate is an honor and everyone waiting receives a transplant. Some of my father’s tissues were used after he passed away thanks to Lifebanc. AND, Lifebanc has bereavement services that have really helped my mom. Again, go HERE to support Lifebanc and to get your copy of this card.

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