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September 11 and 12

Somehow the morning passed me by yesterday without posting, so here are the past two days. One of the key issues I’ve struggled with in regards to this calendar practice is censorship. Self-censorship. What do I include, what don’t I include. I have a number of symbols that I’ve used over the years, but more recently have tried to be more inclusive of my day-to-day actions.

For example, yesterday I experienced two things that I would normally include in my calendar, but in this daily posting context it becomes a little scary. After one of the experiences yesterday I thought about what the hell I would put into my little book today for most of the day. How revealing should I be? The ongoing experiences that I often censor: sex and upsetting/frustrating interpersonal relationships.

I ended the day asking myself, what would happen if I was really frank and truthful with myself and with others all the time. Do you ever ask yourself that? Are you frank and truthful all the time?


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