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October 6, 2013
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October 10, 2013
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October 6-7

So my new goal–to post two days in a row, whatever pair of days is across the spread. Today we see the past two days, October 6-7. On October 10th, and hopefully in the morning, I’ll post October 8-9.

As a reminder, I will be at Exeter this weekend, in Lamont Gallery Friday night teaching a book binding workshop. I will also be transferring the past three weeks since the opening to the “real” calendar. If you are in the area stop by–I should arrive on Friday around 3 pm.

October 6-7


  1. asdh says:

    I did not know you watched Glee 😉 or that you had a power outage recently.

  2. I LOVE Glee–it’s something that Doug and I watch together–and the power outage was thankfully just at our dance class location, not at home!
    Do you watch Glee too??!

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