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December 15, 2018
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December 17, 2018
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Disrupt 12.16.18

Sometimes I struggle between wanting to maintain the status quo and wanting to disrupt everything around me. The line by Mrs. Flax in Mermaids often comes to mind:

(To Charlotte who is complaining about moving) Life is change. Death is: (Rachel Flax in unison with Kate Flax) dwelling on the past or staying in one place too long.

I ask, is complacency, comfort, being at ease bad? Does movement and change have to be my driving force? Can I find peace in stability? Or is mobility more my way of being? As I age, my body wants both stability and mobility exercises. If I have only one or the other I get a little out of whack. Same thing in the world. When I travel a lot (which I have this year) I crave quiet, alone time in my home, the place where I recharge and center.

Tell me, what is it for you? Do you agree with Mrs. Flax? What’s more important, disrupting the status quo, or finding peace in the comfort of routine?

Today’s Prompt:
Make something that somehow combines what is comfortable and disruptive in your process.

Everyday through December 25th, I’ll be making a 5×5 inch collage, writing a short entry on this blog and sharing a prompt for those who might want to participate along with me. You can follow my progress by subscribing to this blog through the sidebar on the blog homepage, or by following me on Instagram.



  1. Joanne says:

    Regarding change vs stability- change is growth. However, you cannot grow if you do not have a root to grow from. Stability and the center is important. Need them both!

  2. Andrea says:

    Maybe both ebb and flow as part of our humanness. For now, I crave stability. But I hope I can have the courage to live a life of disruption when called to do so.

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