June 16, 2014

Paper Dresses

One of my favorite stories from when I was a little girl was how my mother used to “bribe” me to wear a dress to a […]
November 6, 2012

My homage to HOLSTEE–in progress.

This is what I am working on RIGHT NOW. It’s partially an homage to the HOLSTEE This is your Life. poster–if you don’t know it–go to […]
November 9, 2011

Did I tell you I’m reading my poetry on Thursday?

This Thursday, now to take place at Gallery 51, I’ll be participating in the inaugural reading of the PRESS POETRY SERIES. Jason Peabody, the summer associate […]
October 15, 2011

North Adams Open Studios

North Adams Open Studios is this weekend, Saturday, October 15th from 10-6 and Sunday, October 16th from 10-4. I’ll be printing at PRESS, at 105 Main Street […]
September 26, 2011

To acquire

ACQUIRE, Merriam-Webster tells me this means “to get as one’s own.” But a definition is never as simple as that. The sub-categories of the definition are […]
August 15, 2011

Pickles, Pesto, Prints

I made pickles today for the first time ever, using cucumbers from my garden. My only regret is that I did not make them sooner. I […]