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December 10, 2016
Color outside the lines
December 12, 2016
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Be. Just be.

One of the best parts of waiting, when I can be with the waiting is exactly that: an opportunity to be. I remember times stuck in a long check-out line kind of grateful for the chance to do nothing and be present to my environment. I also recall memories  where I’m in a similar line and how excruciating the waiting felt. Somehow my little brain seemed to think that if it whirled and wind, it might just make the situation change. Forgetting that sometimes the only way through something is to relax deeply into it. Be. Just be. advent-12-11-16

Today’s Assignment:

  1. Combine two-4 very different visual textures, using only black, white, plus two colors. Bonus is your colors are sort of complimentary.
  2. Add a focal point. Your focal point can be centered, off-centered, on the edge, in the thirds, or wherever.

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