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December 10, 2012
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December 12, 2012
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Advent Day Eleven: I know, I’m ready, I can

I just ended a great Google Hangout with my sister, who currently lives in Germany, near Munich. Unlike the Berkshires, they have snow. Like ten inches of snow. My sister does not like to drive in snow, but alas, the people of Munich are not like the people in Delaware, where she used to live. They drive in snow, ten inches is nothing.

So today’s collage is dedicated to her. To remind her to say–I know I can drive in the snow. I am ready to drive in the snow. And I can drive in the snow.

To everyone else, see if you can switch around those negative phrases that pepper your thoughts towards the I know, I’m ready and I can.

Advent Day Eleven



  1. I love this one, Melanie! Here in Colorado we have the same amount of snow… and I was thinking I’d be paralyzed around driving (I grew up in Texas!). But no, with snow tires (and of course they plow efficiently) it is A-OK!

  2. APPPLE JUICE says:

    cool stuff, maybe draw some comics

  3. Melanie says:

    Thanks AJ! Maybe I will draw some comics, but only because you are my awesome nephew.

    • Kathleen Mowinski says:

      Could not get the entire advent message yesterday,safari would not let me in,however I got it today,thank you for some great advent reflections.

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