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December 11, 2012
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December 13, 2012
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Advent 12.12.12: Dazzle On!

Sometimes I forget to focus on what is right in my life. Instead, I get caught up in daily frustrations, with students who–for whatever reason–are not reaching their potential, with something I could have done differently, my failure to reach out to someone/expose myself to a scary situation or a myriad of other things.

It is in those moments that I try to look at the good and the frustrating and to be able to recognize what each offers to me. To learn from the frustrations, know which ones to just let go of, and to always come back to what is going well in my life. As I get older, and maybe this is one of the good things about getting older, I am able to not let all those frustrations and criticism bother me.

So I’m going to focus on what is right in my life and dazzle on!

Advent Day Twelve


  1. Kathleen Mowinski says:

    Dazzle on!

  2. Kes Woodward says:

    What a great pleasure, Melanie, to happen upon your Advent images and thoughts. I have gratefully added them to my list of daily devotional sites to visit this season, which include wonderful ones from Georgetown University ( and an artist site I’ve long enjoyed called “The Painted Prayerbook”– All my best to you and so many thanks for the work you do, this Advent season.

    • Kes Woodward says:

      Just realized I posted the above comment on a 2012 post, rather than the current (December 2013) post I intended. I’ve reposted it in the proper place. Thanks again. Kes

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