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December 2, 2016
December 4, 2016
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What we seek

img_0683I dip into my 1991 copy of Earth Prayers from Around the World edited by Elizabeth Robers and Elias Amidon from time to time. There’s always something within its pages that fits the mood of the day. Nancy Newhall (1908-1974), an American Photography critic who often wrote text for photographs by Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, encourages us to love a little more.

We seek a renewed stirring of life for the earth
We plead that what we are capable of doing is
not always what we ought to do.
We urge that all people now determine
that a wide untrammeled freedom shall remain
to testify that this generation has love for the next.
If we want to succeed in that, we might show, meanwhile,
a little more love for this one, and for each other.

Today’s collage has two pieces of added text: some nerve and It was never mean. I am juxtaposing these statements as a reminder that there are times when I get worked into a tizzy because of something. And that I need pause and observe before I react and act.

Today’s Assignment:

  1. Go into your paper recycle bag. Tear a random page out of a magazine, grab an envelope with a window, and two other unusual pieces of paper.
  2. Read through the text on the papers, cut out 2-3 strings of words that you like.
  3. Combine it all together.

In the first version of this collage, the figure was behind the envelope window. Part of the inside of the envelope is still visible. Those interior envelope patterns vary widely and are great material for collages. You may start saving them if you don’t already!


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  1. asdh says:

    Love this post, the art, and the recommended activity! Thank you for creating, reflecting, and sharing.

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