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The End of The 50 Card Project, Card #50

marchingI loved this card. It was a creative collaboration with former student Isaac Wood. We made it for a rally that happened the week after Donald Trump was elected. We printed at least 100 cards that day, and proceeded to create another edition of 100 shortly thereafter just “to have.”

As The 50 Card Project progressed, I knew I was going to be away for the very last card of the project. It seemed fitting to do another run of this card; to end with how I envision myself, others, and even our nation’s leaders living into 2018.

I printed and prepared it for mailing, then proceeded to embark upon my winter break, staying in places that celebrate their lack of internet and access to cell service.

So now what? What’s my 51? What’s your 51?

Right now my 51 is preparing for an exhibit of all 50 cards in one place at MCLA’s Gallery 51 opening January 25th from 5-7 pm (mark your calendar!). But it’s also reflecting back on this past year of making cards, and asking “How do I/you live into this next year?” Maybe these words by Anne Hillman can help.

We look with uncertainty
beyond the old choices for
clear-cut answers
to a softer, more permeable aliveness
which is every moment
at the brink of death;
for something new is being born in us
if we but let it.
We stand at a new doorway,
awaiting that which comes…
daring to be human creatures,
vulnerable to the beauty of existence.
Learning to love.
— Anne Hillman from The Dancing Animal Woman—A Celebration of Life

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