September 23, 2012
The art of looking
October 7, 2012
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The best is yet to come

I spent the past weekend walking in the woods and revisiting my own writings about walking and wilderness (look for a post about that in the upcoming weeks), remembering a conversation that I had with Doug about wilderness as a state-of-mind, present in the city as much as in the middle of Denali national park.

Wilderness as a state-of-mine embraces the unknown nature of living, that a grizzly bear could enter your path in Denali is just as possible as a mugger entering your path in New York City. Possible, but perhaps unlikely. But a good reminder when on a new trail or even an old trail, in the woods or the city, that anything is possible. As much as I try to control my life, I can’t really. I can embrace each moment, plan for what I can, and then be with what comes. Is the best yet to come or is it here right now?

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