January 18, 2018
Last weekend to see The 50 Card Project at MCLA’s Gallery 51
March 23, 2018
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The 50 Card Project Opening and Thank You!

A little over a week ago I was celebrating the opening of The 50 Card Project at MCLA’s Gallery 51 with friends, colleagues, supporters, and community members. What an amazing night! So many special people made the trip out on a cold winter evening, engaged with the work, and shared conversation about the past year. One of the best parts of the evening was watching visitors view the work. Conceptually, a big part of the project consists of the events that were happening during each week. The labels below each print tell that story.¬†Through the journey around the room, one can easily relive key aspects of what transpired over the past year, with the contrasting quote that I chose. And people walked, read and looked.

The word that summed up the evening was YES! and thank you!

Thank you to

  • Arthur DeBow, Curator at MCLA’s Gallery 51 for his exquisite installation job. Seriously, have you ever tried to hang 50 frames that all line up at the top exactly? It requires extreme precision, and Arthur did it with grace, aplomb and ease.
  • Michelle Daly, Director of MCLA’s BCRC for her leadership, promotion of the event, and overall support.
  • MCLA Gallery 51 staff. For all your help with installation, labels, reviewing, and everything that you do to make exhibits happen. A big shout out to Kim for helping me get the window together.
  • The window artists! Amanda Beres, Emery Bibbins, Angela Digennero, Barbara DiGennero, Gillian Fournier, Maya McFadden, Sophie Rice, Amanda Romanelli, Bee Lopez Schmidt, Hanna Silberman, Robin Williams. You are the reason why I love to teach. Thanks for participating in #artactionday and for allowing me to include your work.
  • All the special people who made the trip to see the exhibit, including current and former students, my favorite postal person, colleagues (nearly my entire department from MCLA!), friends, cultural council committee members, Rural Intelligence, all kinds of new friends, and my husband who documented the night for me and stood by my side.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the evening!


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