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November 22, 2014
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Start Anyway

Advent Day One, 2015

Start anyway.

What do you want to begin? What stands between you and whatever that is?

When I think of this phrase, I think of my friend Valerie Carrigan who decided that this year was it, time for her to start anyways on her dream of having a studio large enough for her to do her own work and in which she can hold workshops in book arts and printmaking. There are many reasons why she could have chosen not to start this endeavor. (Full-time mom, near full-time college professor, wife, friend, daughter, time, money, etc. etc.) She acknowledged them, and started anyways. A few months later she has her studio, was the recipient of a grant from the Martha Boschen Porter Fund, a Fund of the Berkshire Taconic Foundation that allowed her to buy a press and is working in her studio regularly. The joy of this success floods her face when she talks about her work and her dreams that she is realizing. What would happen if you decided to just start anyways…to put your idea into reality.

Advent Day One, 2015

Advent Day One, 2015

Today begins my third year of making a collage-a-day as my way of honoring the Advent season and celebrating my love of Advent Calendars. I can assure you, there are many excuses that could keep me from doing this again, but I’m going to start anyway.

I invite you to join me with your own practice, to “start anyway” regardless of the myriad excuses that could get in the way.

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  1. I agree— the way to transform our lives is simply to “start anyway” and see where our efforts carry us. I’ve been making an origami dress every day for a month, with one gratitude for each day written on the back. I honestly did not think I would sustain this practice each day for a month. But I started anyway- and I did it! To anticipate solstice- I am making one mandala a day— who knows how that will go? Stay tuned! I love your Advent collage-a-day. Thanks for sharing. you know I am a big enthusiast of that practice too!

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