The Obstruction Project: August 2019


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August 2019

Lots of different elements were part of this month’s challenge. The color white, less rather than more, it would engage with the concept of listening, and partially be informed by a Tarot Card, The Ten of Pentacles. So what is it? This is a piece that really needs to be handled for the full experience.

  1. It’s paper I made from my baby diapers. I swear. That alone.
  2. There are 10 watermark stars in the paper.
  3. The text “Overreach the silence. Recognize the little that is yours,” printed in white.
  4. There’s a figure, also printed in white.

To me this is all about my white fragility and how I cannot let fear of making a mistake, or the shame I feel when I do prevent me from continuing to try to be an ally.

Handmade paper from 50 years old diapers, letterpress handset metal type and polymer plate. 8″x10″