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December 10, 2017
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Love starts when fear ends. December 9, 2017

Love starts when fear ends was inscribed in the entryway of the Egyptian Pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale. The exhibit featured a multi-sensory film by artist Moataz Nasr. Nasr explains the why of the film:

At the end, the mountain is fear – fear in general, fear of everything, fear of the unknown, fear of authority, fear of talking to somebody you don’t know – all these different kinds of fears that grow up in our life. I decided that this time we should face that mountain and we should conquer it.

I have spent the past year making a letterpress card every single week as part of my 50 Card Project. Each card responds to the events of the week in the United States with an eye towards creating some kind of positive spin. It’s been hard work, especially these past two weeks. Closing the gap between differences centers my intention for The 50 Card Project. Today’s collage comes from that same place. How to we cross divides? How do we bridge opposite views? How can love keep us together?Advent 12.9.2017


Today’s prompt:

Explore the concept of duality, however you choose to define that.

Everyday through December 25th, I’ll be making a 5×5 inch collage, writing a short entry on this blog and sharing a prompt for those who might want to participate along with me. You can follow my progress by subscribing to this blog through the sidebar on the blog homepage, or by following me on Instagram.

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  1. Lee Heald says:

    I particularly love this meditation as well as your visual representation. Lee

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