November 24, 2011
Go into the dark, have faith in the light
December 21, 2011
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Lost in the Moon

Why do we like the art we like? This question continually amazes and entertains me. I love going to museums, galleries and art fairs with Doug because we like dramatically different types of work. I consider this when making my own work, how does my audience respond to what I create? Which pieces do they like the most? When making prints, one can find this out fairly quickly by how quickly an edition sells out.

This print:

is a favorite of many, many people. I wonder why this one, compared to all the other prints I’ve made in the past six months. Why are so many people attracted to this print. It’s a small edition, only eight, and only two remain.  (Let me know if you want one of them!)

But this is part of a greater question, what kinds of art do we like? Is it predictable? While at Art Basel this summer, my colleague Jonathan Secor, Director of Special Programs at MCLA could predict by the end of the week work I might like. Now, thanks to some crazily innovative engineers, you might be able to find more of the art that you might like with a click of your mouse, or a tap to your smart phone.

Enter I first encountered this at Art Basel this summer, it was featured out and about at the fair, and is now beginning to broaden its marketing as it gets ready to be released to the world. Check it out, get on the invite list. Discover more art!

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