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November 18, 2012
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December 2, 2012
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Jenny Doh’s Journal IT!

Earlier this month, Jenny Doh’s most recent book, Journal IT! was released.

Book arts, journaling, and collage come together in Journal It!, where 19 mixed-media artists showcase their signature techniques, tips, and creativity boosters. The featured work ranges from lettering expert Jill K. Berry’s beautifully calligraphied travel journals to Jeannette Sclar’s whimsical gardening books, and the techniques include everything from toner-based transfer to stitching with fabric and paper. With over 200 inspirational photos to guide them, even beginners can create works of art right from the start.

I am one of the 19 mixed-media artists. When Jenny first contacted me I thought she wanted to feature my Visual Diary and was pleased when she wanted to focus on my Field Guide to Tree Rubbings. I’ve been making Field Guides since 2005 from local trees to trees in faraway places. I collect them in beautiful handmade clamshell boxes. Some of the boxes have trees from all over the world, others are site specific. I have a box of trees from Denali National Park, my own Mount Greylock and Nebraska City–where the Arbor Day Foundation was started. Go on over to my trees pages to see and learn more! And check out Journal IT! for my techniques and other artists techniques for ways to work in and out of your own journal.

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  1. Melanie says:

    My friend Suzi Banks Baum also writes a great review of this book–check out her great blog Laundry Line Divine if you haven’t already:

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