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December 4, 2012
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December 9, 2012
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It is solved by walking, Advent Day 5

Solviture ambulando

I aim to spend as much time making art and in nature as I do with technology. Not an easy feat these days, and one that I do not reach regularly. Sometimes I feel like I am getting close to being able to do it, and then a project is due, or a new assignment must be introduced, or I get sucked into my email and Facebook. I’ve been using a timer to try to help me spend as little time doing these computer tasks as possible. That’s helping.

But I often come back to one of my favorite phrases, It is solved by walking, attributed to Saint Augustine. I will share my writing on walking another time. And for now, I invite you to add to your Advent observations a little walk, letting your mind be present, to feel each step and relax into the movement, and see if you just might solve something.

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  1. Just what I needed today. Thanks St Augustine and Melanie-the-walker!
    I am totally in support of your initiative to spend as much time making art and in nature, as you do on technology. This is the familiar conundrum I too always face- BALANCE.
    I will think
    of you as I get out into nature today, and climb the steps to my studio!
    namaste, karen

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