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January 1, 2014
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January 6, 2014
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Happy New Year from Thailand Part Two

After floating lanterns into the night sky, we walked back to our hotel grateful for sleep and looking forward to some fun adventures. We decided to spend New Year’s Day walking the streets of Chiang Mai visiting temples, offering prayers and taking selfies.Thailand106

My favorite temple was Wat Cheddi Luang. The cheddi originally had 16-20 full size stone elephants encircling it. Only one original remains today, plus four reconstructed ones.  Thailand137 Thailand112 Thailand121






















But what caught my eye were the aphorisms on the trees in the courtyard around the cheddi.

Trees + Mantras = Heaven

I imagine that many phrases will find their way onto cards that I make at PRESS or collages. Some of the translations crack me up and made me wish I read Thai. Perhaps in another lifetime.

Which one is your favorite?

Thailand122 Thailand114 Thailand115 Thailand118 Thailand119 Thailand123 Thailand125 Thailand126 Thailand127 Thailand128 Thailand129 Thailand140 Thailand141 Thailand142 Thailand145 Thailand147

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  1. asdh says:

    all very thought provoking. the words about leader and sacrifice made me a little sad, but mostly increased my awareness,
    because i see the truth there – being a leader does take sacrifice. i chuckled at the first one: be covetous and regret later. made me think about seizing the moment and enjoying life, which is always nice!

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