July 1, 2012
Each of us is the maker of our own happiness
July 8, 2012
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Gold Stars, the Restlessness update

I love gold stars or any kind of little reward for my efforts. Mostly, these are private rewards, little things I earn alone.

I’ve been earning a variation of these this week as I move through my resolutions within my  happiness project. I fill in little squares at the end of the day, and wanting to fill in the little squares certainly has motivated me to floss my teeth, even on the days when all I wanted was to get into my cozy bed as quickly as I could. (My sister told me about this app Wonderful Day which allows you to keep track of your resolutions on your iphone, and The Happiness Project Toolbox has online charts too.) I wanted the paper.

Some things from my list are hard for me to do. Like sitting and doing nothing for 15 minutes–every day. Or getting into my studio for as much time as I would like. Or really listening and not interrupting when talking with people. But mostly, the chart motivates me. I want to fill in the square. I’ll post it mid-month, so you can see how I’m doing.


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