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July 21, 2011
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August 1, 2011
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I dug up the garlic this morning, completely uncertain if it was the right time, since this is my first endeavor in growing the Thomas ancestral garlic. And, I do believe it is a success. I only have about 40 or so heads, and I’ll save at least a third of those to plant in the fall for next summer.

I will also plant the garlic in what I call the front of the garden where there is a smidgen more sun, but enough to make a significant difference. I know this because I also planted calendula in both areas and the ones in the front of the garden are blooming, and the ones in the back of the garden are not. The lessons one learns from the earth are abundant.





  1. tara says:

    what if you changed the orientation of the garden? to rows that go east west instead of north south? Or even diagonal? Beautiful Beautiful garlic!

    • admin says:

      East/west might work! It’s interesting–the edge of the north side is also a we bit behind the south side…

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