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July 8, 2013
July 22, 2013
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Christmas in July

Some of you might remember my Advent project. In 2012, I made a new collage for every day of Advent. (Check out CATEGORIES to the left to see them. They are filed in ADVENT.) I loved it and it challenged me unbelievably. Sometimes the collages and the posts took over two hours. That’s a lot of time to find at the end of the semester. But I did it, and in some ways it was my most productive span of time in a long time.

I continue to make them from time to time, and am planning on another go at it this coming Advent, and thought I would share a little “Christmas in July” with you today.

"Alone, yet not alone," an Advent collage in July

“Alone, yet not alone,” an Advent collage in July

There is no denying that the artist is someone who is full of questions, who cries them in great angst, who discovers rainbow answers in the darkness, and then rushes to canvas or paper. An artist is someone who cannot rest, who can never rest as long as there is one suffering creature in this world. Along with Plato’s divine madness there is also divine discontent, a longing to find the melody in the discords of chaos, the rhyme in the cacophony, the surprised smile in time of stress or strain.                    Madeline L’Engle

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