September 23, 2012


Nearly 25 years ago I took my first class in ceramics. First beginning with hand-building and then moving to the wheel. I straddled the wheel, elbow […]
September 9, 2012

Going downhill on a bicycle

I’m determined to ride my bicycle to work once a week until it gets too cold for the 30-mile round-trip journey. I go the long way, […]
September 2, 2012

What I learned from B.F. Skinner

I’ve spent the past couple of days looking for a reliable source to confirm something I read about B.F. Skinner, the famous behaviorist and psychologist. I […]
August 26, 2012

All Fruits Ripe

I just returned from a great week in Jamaica with friends Frank Power and Heather Hotchin. Frank lives in Morant Bay, in the foothills of the […]
August 19, 2012

Bicycle Bliss

I am becoming reacquainted with my mountain bike. One of my favorite things about mountain biking is the necessity to be completely 100% focused on what […]
August 12, 2012

August will take care of August

This phrase was said to me nearly 20 years ago during a silent retreat in Black Canyon City, Arizona at Our Lady of Solitude, an incredible […]