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December 19, 2015
Advent Day Twenty-One: Into your groove
December 21, 2015
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Advent Day Twenty: Try transforming

Lots of shapes, colors and line converge in today’s collage, and many of the collages made in the past three weeks. Some are down right chaotic. Sometimes the photograph makes them appear less so…other times, like today, the photograph seems to emphasize the chaos. photo (18)

I’m grappling with what my doctor said to me on Wednesday about the need for me to stop avoiding my feelings, and to let myself move through them, creating all kinds of chaos in my brain. These words came to me this week: “I’m guessing there is something comfortable for you about not changing.” Have you ever consider that in your own life? How staying in whatever pattern you are in is easier and even comforting?

It’s like getting into cold water for me. Exhilaration pulsates throughout my entire body when I am able to immerse myself into cold water. The pain and discomfort evaporates because the success of completing the challenge is so great. I know this to be true. But the anticipation of the first part paralyzes me and prevents me from getting to the second part.

Try transforming. Find that thing that is easy and comfortable for you, but is not serving you well and see if you can work through it–in spite of the pain and the discomfort. You are the only person who can do it.


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