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December 5, 2013
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December 7, 2013
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Advent Day Six–Manage

I now believe Buddha even more–Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Haruki Murakami agrees and quotes it in his book What I talk about when I talk about Running. For my running friends out there it’s a great quick read and inspiration for why we run. (Missy–don’t buy it or get it–it’s on its way to you right now.)

As a runner, cyclist and sometime triathlete, at least in the past, I had a couple mantras–the hill is your friend and pain now–less suffering later, that carried me over hills, down long boring flats and through the final hours, minutes or seconds of a race. I added yoga to the mix nearly 15 years ago and through that process fine-tuned the practice of being uncomfortable in a posture (transfer–a bike ride, run, hike, etc.) yet able to maintain composure. (Rigghhttt.)

The harder task for me–involves transferring this practice to everyday living and interactions. I still struggle to keep my composure in stressful situations off the matt and off the trail. And when I don’t get to the matt or the trail regularly–it makes it even harder.

Today’s collage reminds me to manage–as best I can with the labor that needs to be done.





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  1. Missy says:

    Love this one! Can’t wait to read the book – Thanks!

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