The first 12 weeks of The 50 Card Project
April 10, 2017
40 Weeks of The 50 Card Project
November 13, 2017
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25 weeks or the halfway point of The 50 Card Project

The first 25 Weeks of The 50 Card Project

The first 25 Weeks of The 50 Card Project

The first 25 Weeks of The 50 Card Project

Thank you to all my Kickstarter and other supporters who help to make The 50 Card Project possible. I just finished printing Week 25, the halfway point, or 1/8th of the way through the Trump Presidency.

Selections from the first half of this project will be on view beginning tonight, July 12, at The Center for Book Arts in New York City. If you happen to be in NY, or nearby, I do hope you have a chance to see the exhibit PROTEST ≠ PROFEST: GLOBAL BURDENS. Not only will you see The 50 Card Project but work by Ioulia Akhmadeeva, Aileen Bassis, Elena Berriolo, Doug Beube, Eileen Boxer, Patty Bruce, Bonnie C. Epstein, Robin Holder, Jihae Kwon, Pierre Leichner, Anna Mavromatis, Richard Minsky, Melanie Mowinski, Maria Veronica San Martín, Diana Schmertz, Ilse Schreiber-Noll, Tennille Davis Shuster, Robbin Ami Silverberg in collaboration with Kim Berman, Carolyn Thompson, Sally Tosti, and Thomas Parker Williams. This annual Artist Members Exhibition presents artworks that deal with activism or passionate convictions toward current societal concerns, issues, desires and/or trends.

I will be back at the Center for Book Arts for a panel discussion about the work on July 26th, along with Bonnie Epstein, Diane Schmertz, Isle Schreiber-Noll, and Thomas Parker Williams. Please come!

You can support the project by going to my shop page! 50% of sales of the project through my website will be donated to organizations related to food security and women & girls. NOTE: All 50 cards will increase from $150 to full retail ($250) when only 25 sets remain! Unfortunately, individual cards are not for sale.

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  1. Penne says:

    Heading to NYC so will get to see the show- looking forward to it!

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