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February 25, 2015
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10 Ounces–a new artist book

Mowinski01bTen Ounces is a collaboration between artist Melanie Mowinski and poet Zack Finch.  It began as a conversation about the vessels that lead to and from the heart. It evolved into a poem and an artist book that explores the tension between the importance and impossibility of letting go: especially when faced with a unexpected medical diagnosis or other life challenge. After Finch viewed the painted pages, he edited his poem to 42-lines, the same number of lines in the book.Mowinski01a

To get to the book, the viewer must lift off the top section of the shrine-like box, DSC_0076revealing first one wrapped vessel, which once removed reveals two more wrapped vessels. The two remaining vessels are the 210 inch book and a stone heart. The book is meant to be read while contemplating the heart.DSC_0078

Mowinski used the mysterious and atmospheric quality of photocopy transfer to create the text. The words and letters are very linear, and wind through the more organic and fluid imagery on the pages. This contrast is the heart.DSC_0090


Artist Note: This is my submission for the Guild of Book Workers 2015-2017 Traveling Exhibition Show. The deadline is midnight, March 1, which I made by an hour or so. I will follow-up this entry with another one that discusses how I made the box, and what I learned through that process.



  1. Wonderful and amazing just like you! Congrats on making that deadline! The colors are passionate, grounding & corporeal. You know how much I love shrines. Bon Courage! Karen

  2. Holly Wren says:

    Thanks for describing the process. It really helps me see more, and understand what I’m looking at. I’d like to open this box myself one day.

  3. asdh says:

    Wonderful to read about. Congratulations on a fabulous collaboration.

  4. […] one page books. So I’m also playing with imposition. Very fun. I may use this to edition my Ten Ounces book. We shall […]

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