I am not what you think I am.


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The Obstruction Project December 2018. My sister and brother-in-law challenged me to create something from five different perspectives: Democrat, Republican, Evangelical, Atheist, and Libertarian. I call this project “I am not what you think I am. You are what you think I am.” These pieces were in response to the government shut-down. And while you may think you know who said what, the piece itself has the different phrases printed on different figures to indicate that we may think we know what someone thinks, we really don’t.

This is a variable edition of brayer painted papers, linoleum prints, and handset metal type. 6″x8″

Each set includes one of each of the sayings plus the title card printed on a variety of body types. These are the sayings, see if you can guess which one goes with which perspective.

  • Hold the Line
  • Cultivate Openness
  • Protect Defend Secure
  • Stay Together. Stay Unified.
  • Be reasonable. Use whatever means necessary.