The Obstruction Project: April 2019


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April 2019 My brother and sister-in-law chimed in together for the April challenge. From my sister-in-law “use materials that are not paper, printmaking, or otherwise associated with The 50 Card Project. From my brother: “reference a song from the 1980s” I LOVE the song Mediate by INXS. I pretty much know all the words and as a teenager and still do, this impressed the heck out of my little brother.

The original one is quite large, 12″x40″ and is pen and ink on board. It hands in our kitchen. What I have for you here is one of those groovy stickers that all the cool kids put on their computers and water bottles that is about 1″x4″.

The profits from the sale of this and all The Obstruction Project I will donate to the following organizations: Multicultural BridgeCampaign ZeroBlack Lives MatterEqual Justice InitiativeSouthern Poverty Law CenterNational Museum of African American History and CultureCivil Rights MuseumBlack Women in Visual ArtThe Sentencing Project, and Black Women in Politics.