Pray with your Body | Pray with your Feet


Pray with your Body | Pray with your Feet


Letterpress printed on Crane Paper. 7×7 inches



This card began to form in my mind in the late 1990s, when I first began to practice yoga. The bodily expression of prayer, devotion, and offering resonated with me. Pairing movements with words, rooting down to rise up, gave me strength.

I also loved long-distance running. I found solace in the movement, peace in the repetition, and a quieting in my brain. I fell in love with the endorphin release it provided.

This was my church: a long run followed by a yoga class. I was praying with my body.

Over the past 20 years, I have seen the effects of these practices or the lack there-of on my overall well-being. Sometimes the only peace I can find is the one that comes from physically exhausting my body. I’ve also experienced frustration, increased anxiety and spinning, worrisome thoughts when these practices fall away from my daily life. I can no longer run for fitness so I’ve had to find other forms of movement to satisfy that need. Walking can do it. So can riding my bike, and dancing. But I also need the intentionality of yoga. The conscious pairing of movement and prayer.



John Lewis introduced me to the second part of this card. Where I place my feet through my choices, big and small, on and off the mat, are all prayers.

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