November 13, 2016
Marking Time artist book
Marking Time, 2022
May 3, 2022

Wayfinding Star documents departure from latitude 42.562 / longitude -73.1629 (Cheshire, MA where I live) to latitude 45.4343 / longitude 12.3388 (Venice, Italy where I spent winter 2016). Each hand-drawn pencil line on the hand-painted middle layer represents latitude and longitude lines demonstrating the closeness in latitude but distance in longitude.  The letterpress text on the front layer recounts experiences navigating in Venice as I lost and found my way, always listening for the toll of church bells, the back layer of the book. This back layer was created using the pressure print technique. The eight-point star references the compass rose and the many geometrical patterns centered on the number eight encountered throughout Venice.WayfindingExhibition9 Wayfinding 3 web Wayfinding 1 web