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June 12, 2020
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Advent Calendar Cards: something new for 2020

When I first started making

my Advent Calendar Daily collages, I did it as a way to reclaim this time of year. I was then, and am still, not a big fan of the focus on consumption and more and more gifts, things, etc. I deliberately chose to step outside of it and find a more quiet way of honoring not only the Advent season, but the transition into winter, the movement towards the light, and the celebration of hope in whatever form that manifests for each individual.

While my practice is rooted in my religious and cultural upbringing, I see it as a way of chronicling time, of being PRESENT to the mundane and the everyday, to finding inspiration in my surroundings, and my people, how ever small. 

Advent Calendar Cards
are a little box of letterpress printed cards, one card for every day of Advent, plus a few bonus ones, with a word or a very short phrase to inspire your day. I printed them with vintage metal letterpress type–Globe Gothic is the typeface!

The text is printed on multimedia Canson paper, perfect for a little collage, a quick watercolor, drawing or other art form. They are housed in an origami masu box. Below is an image of the first card and some of the ways I can imagine using the cards.

Orders placed by 9 am Wednesday will ship before Thanksgiving and will likely arrive just in time for the start of Advent on December 1st! You can order here!

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