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February 13, 2018
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The 50 Card Project: Printed book of all the cards


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The 50 Card Project book celebrates a year of letterpress cards printed every week from Inauguration Day to the end of 2017. This project was directly inspired by the statement liberty and justice for all.

Melanie Mowinski made a card of FDR’s Four Freedoms to commemorate Inauguration Day. By the end of the three-color limited edition of 100 cards she decided to make a card every week for the entire year. Each card is printed with vintage letterpress type, cuts and/or other printing matrixes like linoleum blocks and the occasional polymer plate. Each card is her weekly practice to reframe events that were occurring in our country in a positive way. They also serve as a reminder about what is important and at stake in our country.

Edition size: 100

Hardcover, printed through the online publishing service http://www.blurb.com/


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