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Advent Collage-A-Day Calendar 2019 Prompt and Theme Zine


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In 2012, I began making a collage-a-day as my Advent Calendar to create a moment of quiet during the busy holiday season. I keep it simple and portable. All of my supplies fit into a quart size plastic bag. Some collages take a couple of hours, others take only 10 minutes, it all depends on the day. For the past seven years, I have paired the collage with a blog post and a prompt. This year I’m doing something a little different.

This year I’ve prepped the themes and prompts ahead of time.

This product is a zine of themes and prompts for every day! It’s a little zine (booklet) with some inspiration as well as instructions for making the practice random.

You can also download just the list of themes and prompts: 2019 Advent Collage-A-Day Prompts_Themes

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