The 50 Card Project: Printed book of all the cards
April 3, 2017
The first 25 Weeks of The 50 Card Project
The 50 Card Project DIGITAL CARDS
August 1, 2017
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SBA Clamshells
Week 1 Freedom Front 1 copy
Week 2 Bridges Front 1 copy
Week 3 Liberty Front copy
Week 4 Persist Front copy
Week 5 Keep America Front copy
Week 6 Equality Front copy
Week 7 Truth Front copy
Week 8 Women Hold Front 1 copy
Week 9 LOVE Front 3 copy
Week 10 46 cents Front 1 copy

The 50 Card Project: Enclosure for the 50 Cards


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Custom made enclosure to hold all your cards!

The 50 Card Project: A different limited-edition letterpress card printed every week from Inauguration Day to the end of 2017.

I made a card of FDR’s Four Freedoms on Inauguration Day. By the end of the three-color limited edition of 100 cards I decided that I needed to make a card every week for this entire year. These cards respond to what is happening in our country at the moment and how I can frame the situation to keep me and others energized. They also serve as a reminder about what is important and at stake in our country.

As part of my action, I will be sending one to

  • President Trump
  • Vice President Pence
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
  • Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin
  • Secretary of Defense James Mattis
  • Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos
  • Secretary of Health Tom Price
  • Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
  • Minority Senate leader Chuck Schumer
  • Majority Senate leader Mitch McConnell
  • House of Representatives Minority leader Nancy Pelosi
  • House of Representatives Majority leader Kevin McCarthy
  • Administrator of the EPA Scott Pruitt
  • MA Senator Elizabeth Warren (one of my senators!)

These cards are about being positive, yet at the same time a little subversive.


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